Water Testing

ISG performs limited water analysis, visual inspections, and prepares a written report on the condition of the water supply. 

Installed systems and components are considered to be water supply lines, well cap and area surrounding well cap, water filtration equipment, and faucets where sample is taken. 

Complete Analysis

 includes: Total Coliform Bacteria, pH, Nitrate/Nitrite, Turbidity, Iron, Manganese, Color, Odor, MBAS, Chloride, and Total Hardness

Complete Plus Analysis

includes: All testing listed in Complete Analysis plus 1st & 2nd draw Lead

Deluxe Analysis

includes: All testing listed in Complete and Complete Plus and 1st & 2nd Draw Copper, MTBE, and 21 Regulated VOC’s

Radon Analysis

 includes: Testing of existence and level of Radon gases contained in the water supply

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